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Goshen Ramp Skateboard Competition 1991Simon Evans wrote this report on a competition in Goshen, and pointed out one of the favourite themes of Rad Mag: “the words are just a trick to make you look at the pictures” (to paraphrase David Byrne or Brian Eno).

Hello, and welcome to another comp report. I guess you’ve probably already had a look at the photos dotted around the page and now, in a fit of depression and despair, have decided to sit down and look at the boring part: the words. So let’s talk about the pictures instead.
You may have already noticed that although the comp took place at the Goshen Leisure Centre in Bury, there aren’t any photos of skating on the mini. Yep, something happened that hasn’t happened on British soil for a while: there was a vert contest.
The stage was set: Bury, indoors — on a very wet (hailstones) Sunday in March. There were two sections: the under 16s and over 16s. The surprise of the event was the under 16 class. Take a look at that picture of Sean Ward doing a rad fakie stand-up grind to fakie. Sean has to be one of the most dramatically improved skaters around, plucking amazing tricks from the air for his competition runs — trickery like fakie to nose-grind tail grabs, manual rolls, frontside one-foot tail grabs and lip slides. He skated really solid and certainly deserved to win.
What about that picture of Carl Shipman preparing to go to tail with this backside melanchollie to tail? Carl got second in the under 16. He skated really well, making fakie one foot tail-grab and alley-oop backside Smith, doing everything smooth and clean. In third place was Chris Hudson. He could have placed higher, but fell off a few times. From his bag of tricks came chink-chinks, melanchollies, Ollie blunts, ollie nose-stall tail grab and he came real close to 360° varials.
The over 16 section saw some real good skating, as you can probably tell from these photos. Some people didn’t do as well in the results as they did on the ramp, mentioning no names (Davy Philip). In the fine tradition of comp results, I’ll work through them in reverse order. Stuart Hoyle surprised everyone with his relaxed and fast antics, pulling newest deals, smith grinds, nose grinds and G-turn lipslides.
Check out that rad picture of Andy Williams doing the frontside nose bone. Andy had some real rad stuff, but couldn’t get it together at the end. But he still did some rad stunts like half-Cab Ollie blunts, nose grinds, feeble grinds, Madonnas and fakie 360° Ollies.
Justin Ashby does good relaxed frontside rocks. He skated fast, shooting around the masonite jungle. Oh yeah: everyone liked his shoes.

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