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Price List Style BMX and Skateboard Mail Order Advert 1988

Everything at Your Leisure BMX and Skateboard Shop advert September 1988Other than contemplating what things cost back then, there is little to get excited about here. But a lot of people DID get excited about such things.
Some shops and mail order companies built up cult followings. It would be interesting to hear from anyone who used to buy their gear from Everything at Your Leisure…


4 responses to “Price List Style BMX and Skateboard Mail Order Advert 1988”

  1. i bought a fair bit of stuff from this place-it was on an industrial estate out almost in the middle of nowhere(well holbeach-same difference).
    the guy who ran it(can’t remember his name)lived quite close by and had a vert ramp in his garden which was later cut down to about 7 or 8ft.i remember he was cool about people turning up to ride it as well.

  2. GREAT SHOP, went got our parents to drive down there from lincoln-spent the day riding the ramp-it had angle iron as coping and a rollin. great days (i am 38 now) with our own indoor private skate park for over 30s! 🙂

  3. That’s good to hear, Steve. Thanks for adding your memories. I can’t remember very much about this, but they were certainly a very loyal advertiser.

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