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Pacer Advert by Doug Cameron

Doug Cameron Cartoon for Pacer AdvertWhere did this come from? I had forgotten this. I can remember Doug Cameron doing graphics for Pacer, but this advert had slipped from memory.

There’s so much in here, even if you don’t get half the in-jokes (and I certainly don’t). I wish they had done more of these, but in pure commercial terms I suspect the big question would have been “what was this actually trying to sell”? I can spot mentions of Pacer Hogs, Hardcore wheels, the Festering Pharoah board plus Gary Lee and Neil Danns signature models.

Who cares? Phony Tony is still alive and well today, I suspect.

6 responses to “Pacer Advert by Doug Cameron”

  1. Can anyone help.
    I appeared in R.a.D some 18 years ago and am desperately trying to track down the copy to show my kids!!!
    The issue had an emptied out duck pond in Bishops Park (Fulham) on the cover, and featured similar places to skate inside. That was my manor and R.a.D phoned and told us they were coming, the photo of me is of a frontside Olli kick-flip up a bank with the sun shine coming from behind, shining through a statue. Caption says – Luke Colson kick-flips to order.
    I would kill for a copy, better still I can pay!!
    Help…. anyone?

  2. Hi Luke, I have hugely fond memories of that day. But I doubt if I have any duplicates of the issue in question. I really have only the one master set these days.

    I’ll have a look around for you. But I don’t hold out much help. Have you tried the obvious place – e-Bay?

  3. Hey Radsters, Upon clearing out some boxes, I have found two old but brand new copies of R.A.D. from 1993. They are in unread condition and even have the free stickers still attached to the front. They were bought for a friend in South Africa as we used to mail them to him every month, but these two didn’t get sent. If anyone is interested in the feel free to email me at ajbain@hotmail.com

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