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Technical Issues

I don’t normally go in for self-regarding nonsense about this site. After all, the whole thing is self-regarding material about something from the past, and I need to draw a line somewhere.

But I’ve recently upgraded to a new version of WordPress and have taken the opportunity to add this extra space for items which do not fit in with the main flow of the R.a.d archive.

2 responses to “Technical Issues”

  1. Hi
    Many moons ago you came to Crawley and did a feature there including a shoot in the town centre, a local school and at a mini ramp.
    You also interviewed me and published the story of my skating accident.
    I wonder if you have a copy of this that 3 page spread including my interview. I remember there being a picture of me doing a crail slide.
    Many thanks.

  2. Hi Dave, Thank you for commenting. I’m afraid that I don’t have easy access to the archive of photographs and other material from the magazine. The reason for creating this site was to do the best that I can for people who got in touch with requests like this.

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