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Livingston Fun Day September 1988

Five skaters in Livingston bowlI was talking about Livingston at the “goodbye to Harrow Day” last week. With Harrow and Southsea under threat we’re heading towards a situation where Livingston will be one of the oldest skateparks in Britain (I hope Rom’s still OK). At the time this story was written, though, I still thought of it as “new” and “state of the art” — even though this competition was staged to celebrate the first re-surfacing and the first of the improvements, in the form of coping.

People came from far and wide to celebrate the re-opening. I can certainly see Brighton represented by one of the five, yes five, people in the opening shot of the new bowl/pool at the bottom of this page.

Livingston was the greatest of British parks at this time because it had been designed and built with care after the early mistakes and just before the idea of building any facilities for skateboarding would have seemed a waste of money. In fact for decades Scotland probably had the greatest park in Europe.

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  1. Hey Tim, wasn’t there an awesome centre spread pullout poster for that issue? It is one of my favourite posters of all time I think. I don’t have a copy of it any more though now unfortunately, is there any way this could be reproduced at high quality? I’d love to have a copy of it again!

  2. Hi Rick. I’ve just had a look: the centre spread was Steve Caballero at Stevenage. Is that the one you were thinking of, or were you expecting something from Livingston?

  3. Thanks Tim, mmm, either I’m thinking of a different issue or I think perhaps the poster was actually a pull-out poster. This does ring a bell in that I remember it being about twice the size of your average centre spread. or perhaps I’m making it up?!!!! It was something like Davie Phillips doing a frontside air over someone (Chimp?) doing a frontside carve grind. It was an awesome poster, it sums up Livi comps from that era for me!

  4. hi,
    i am trying to track down a particular issue. it featured a good friend of mine on the cover, and he has lost his copy.
    the issue featured a spotlight on monks ditch in southampton, and the cover was my mate doing a backside smith at the ditch. it was credited as unknown local. he also had a few other shots in the issue, and an outline was used throughout the mag.
    sorry dont remember too much more about the issue.
    also does anyone still have any rad stickers left?

    this is a cool site and bringing back so many memories. keep it up.

  5. Hi,i’m an ex skateboarder(i still have a board though i’m 38 now an it seems to hurt more when i fall off).I was at this pure fun skateparty in 1988 an still think of it as the best weekend ever for watching some of the best uk skateboarders at the time..fond memories indeed,me an my mates ended up camping in Kenny Omonds backdoor for the two nights we were there..Anyways,been looking on the net to see about RAD Magazine as i to am looking for the poster mentioned above with Davy Philips and Chimp…i had it,an mistakenly must have thrown it out when doing a clearout…(been kicking myself for along time for doing it as i am in the poster sitting at the top of the wee bowl)I still have all my copies of RAD up in my folks loft an dig them out now an then for a read…And Tim L B….i wrote a letter into RAD which you printed(Thanks) and you even phoned me up to say it was a good letter(was chuffed to bits)….I dont think i’ll ever get another copy of the poster,but the memories will always be there!Good to see there are still folk like myself interested in this after 23 years(where have they all gone?)….if anyone can help my email address is Parkerrudi@yahoo.com…thanks all!

  6. hi mate, i too, searched long and hard for that same poster, having lost mine many moons ago-and i found one on ebay a wee while ago.
    i am keeping it though , as i am going to frame it, though if you want a copy , give me a shout.
    while on the subject, i think it came out either a month before,or after the funday mag/

  7. As one of only two skater members of the Scottish Skateboard Association at the time Livi was built…I helped design it!

    Had to be better than Kelvingrove didn’t it!

  8. Hi Chris, thanks for commenting. Do you mean only two of you in the whole association at that point, or only two of you on a committee or something of that kind? I’m intrigued.

  9. Hi Timlb,do you know if there is any way I can get in touch with Kuni above as I’m looking to possibly get a copy of the Livingston poster.Thanks.

  10. @Rudi I’ll see what I can do.

    Reading back through this thread I realise that I’m not even sure which issue the poster was in. It was a long time ago. If I knew which issue to look for I might be able to do something. Chances of finding anything are low but it would help to know where to start.

  11. Hi Timlb,I’ll check out my old copies in my folks loft,I still have every issue I bought(about 4 years worth)but they are not all complete as I put loads of pages as posters.I’d be over the moon big time if I got a copy somehow,I don’t regret much in life but throwing out this poster was an unbelievable mistake..Thanks a lot for responding,I know the chances are slim but appreciate any effort.regards Rudi.

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