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Paul Cheyne Coffin Drop-in Livingston 1988

Paul Cheyne Coffin Drop-in Livingston Skatepark Livingston skatepark has always placed the emphasis on pure fun, rather than serious competition. There was a competition on this day, complete with judges, but at the end they announced that everyone had placed first. My type of competition. Events like this were also a great chance to print pictures of people doing strange and gnarly things rather than concentrating purely on the latest and most ambitious trick. A happy day all round.

3 responses to “Paul Cheyne Coffin Drop-in Livingston 1988”

  1. Hi Tim, awesome sequence! Cheyney and Andy Nicoll used to do the sickest doubles routines at Livi, both ‘conventional’ tricks and crazy coffin run doubles over the Andover! I remember snapping a board with my bum trying to imitate the Andover, although at a much lower height 🙂

  2. Chainy is a legend, I remember he made his own set of Gullwings out of Magnesium that he borrowed from Murray International Metals, where he worked. A real legend that came and played at Goshen a few times. Is he still living in Livi?

  3. LOL!!! Thats a blast from the past! Chenye is still in LIVI (I Think) Ive been back here for about 5yrs! Cant belive what i used to do to my back over that Andover bank!

    I had a go in the Dumbarton skatepark last week! Chick (the owner) is a costomer of ours, I reary enjoyed my free run in the park (being totaly empty)

    Regards Andy Nicoll,

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