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Mike Vallely South Bank 1988

Mike Vallely: South Bank 1988Top caption “On any bollard. Ollie 180 to Frontside Rock.” Bottom caption “360 Block from Vallely. Raging”.

The combination of South Bank murk and our even murkier black and white printing makes these hard to follow and leaves this as a very weak page. I wish we could have done justice to the skating.

3 responses to “Mike Vallely South Bank 1988”

  1. You might think it weak and not doing the skating justice, but I still remember it. Sequences like this served as a “How-To” or look what’s possible for me.

  2. Thanks for saying so, Chas.

    In later issues things got even weirder when we were experimenting with those early frame grabs from videos. They were way more fuzzy than this. And they did bring in a few complaints.

    But the whole point is that we wanted to show people in as much detail as possible what was going on. We were struggling to find some way of both giving ideas, stimulating people to try new moves and get across some clue about how to do it. While at the same time avoiding the “approach the obstacle at a moderate speed…” mantra

  3. hey tim- with regards to this page- you definitely achieved what you’ve stated above- i remember this page so well- even though compared to modern day sequences they may be lacking a frame or two, it captures what vallely is doing technically but also has alot of energy, if it was any more polished it would take that away. This page got me very amped at the time!, that period when vallely appeared was a really progressive time.



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