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Steve Caballero South Bank Wall 1988

Steve Caballero: Rock to Mute Air, South Bank 1988Too many words and not the right pictures. One of the curses of producing a magazine which could only have colour on some pages was trying to use the right pictures in the right place. So this page of the tour report is about the ramp session in Birmingham, but the relevant pictures are on another page — so they could be in colour.

What we get instead is a sequence of Steve Caballero at the South Bank’s wonderful wall. The one which the South Bank Centre’s management took so much trouble to spoil. Each time I wander past there I gaze on that wall and think of some of the things it witnessed.

This page also has a sidebar about the food and the weather. Which reminds me of another curse of the magazine: I could never cut anything out. I always wanted to cram in more and more stuff to try to give the flavour of these events to people who could never experience them for themselves. So there were always too many words.

I have the same problem today.

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