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Powell Peralta tour Stevenage, Brixton, South Bank and more

Powell Team, Stockwell Skatepark 1988My goodness. What a dull looking page. Too many words again. But I always wanted to get so much in. For example, here’s a reference to Stacy Peralta signing the South Bank when he was on tour in 1978. He was on Blue Peter on that tour as well. I dare say a high-profile skate tour might attract such coverage again now, but in 1988 things were much quieter. It was still very much a ‘skaters only’ scene back then and “skating not signatures were most in demand.”

So this page talks about the off-duty sessions which took place in the Midlands (I’m not sure if even now I dare name those banks), Meanwhile II and Stockwell. And the rain, which nearly wrecked the Latimer Road demo and meant that Stevenage was the ramp high-point of the tour.

It seems like a very long time ago, suddenly.

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  1. Thanks, Jagger. Well, in that case: yes. They were in the first ever issue of R.a.D — pictures of Sean Goff in extreme “Life’s a Beach” mode stick in my mind. I can also remember we were under strict instructions not to name them.

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