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Lance Mountain and Steve Caballero: Livingston, Birmingham Wheels and Wolverhampton

Lance Mountain and Steve Caballero: Wolverhampton, Livingston and Birmingham Wheels. 1988The thought of the security guards at the Edinburgh Virgin Megastore only letting skaters in 10 at a time makes me smile. They must have wondered what was going on. Back in 1988 skateboarding was only just emerging from the underground.

This demo took place just after Livingston had been resurfaced and coping had been added and the Caballero picture on this page stands out as a fine display of the benefits.

The Powell team flew to Edinburgh for the day and the rest of the tour was confined to the midlands and south of England. So this would also have been the best chance for skaters from northern England to catch the tour. I suspect people like Michael O’Brien would have been in the crowd that day. It’s hard these days to imagine the intensity of sessions like these: Livingston was the only park in the UK of that quality and people travelled from all over the place to cram in to the tiny space around the lip.

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  1. Oh man, I remember that day well. Livi was totally insane and it was incredible that the brigade were even able to find any concrete to skate on. Cheers for the trip down memory lane…

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