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Zorlac Mark and Barry Abrook Advert

Zorlac Skateboards Advert: Mark and Barry Abrook 1988Two of my favourite skaters grin out at us from this Zorlac advert.
Mark and Barry Abrook were at the heart of British skateboarding right back to the Andover days. In fact, I think that should be “Thruxton Days”, but that was before my time. They go right back.
This advert was to promote their joint (I think) signature model “Limey Bastards from Hell”. Someone let me know, please: have I got that right?

4 responses to “Zorlac Mark and Barry Abrook Advert”

  1. Man, I remember this advert. I cut it out and stuck it on my wall with all the centre page pullout posters. Mainly because it had a swear word on it…

  2. I was always delighted when people insisted that R.a.D was full of swearwords. They almost never appeared within the editorial and yet clearly people (parents etc) got the impression that we must be using them.

  3. Yeah, aside from the subject matter, I think it must have been partly to do with the quite rough-and-ready punk aesthetic to the magazine’s design. It’s wasn’t quite the Radio Times was it?

    Oh, and the old “So what does RAD stand for, Son?”
    “Read and Destroy, Dad…”
    “What? y’mean go out and wreck stuff?”
    “Not like that. In a skating kind of way, y’know?”
    “Oh? Wrecking stuff on a skateboard. Your Mum’ll be so proud.”

  4. ever since I saw this ad, if I hear the word ‘limey’ it summons up that image of the grinning Abrooks.

    didn’t they also appear in Sketchy comic wearing “fuck you, I’m from Texas” t-shirts?

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