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Mike Vallely R.a.D T Shirt and Pig City Skate Shop Adverts

Pig City Shop at the Level and Mike Vallely in R.a.D shirtThe shot of Mike Vallely at the South Bank skating in a R.a.D shirt certainly catches the eye… Those T shirts were completely over the top.
But the PC’s Skate shop advert is significant too. I think there was some fuss over the use of the ‘Pig City’ name in this context, but it’s a very dim memory. What’s nice now is to look back at these pictures of Mark Collins, Justin Ashby, Andy Binns and John Mitchell. Brighton was and is a very special place.

6 responses to “Mike Vallely R.a.D T Shirt and Pig City Skate Shop Adverts”

  1. I get a real pang of nostalgie seeing the old hand drawn artwork on these old adverts, they look reallly crappy now, but back in the day it was just the norm.

    Prior to the internet it was all we had, every advert that appeared offering a free catalogue I sent off for straight away (even faster if free stickers were a possibility). I used to spend hours poring over the gear I couldn’t afford to buy : )

  2. On behalf of Lee Y (whose comment disappeared):

    Eh – that’s me in the background on my bl*8dy rollerskates. Polluting the South Bank – I must get round to scanning more of my photographs. I know Edwin put some of mine into ‘Rollin Through the Decades’ – just need to fit it all in – great times!!!!

  3. PIG CITY SKATEBOARDING OLD SCHOOL we are currently building a web site which will feature pc’s skate shop-pig city team and the brighton vert ramp and all who sk8ed it the best vert ramp around at the time any pics you have can be posted on site so if u remeber those days and want to look back join us we are also doing some old skool t-shirts and stickers .we will also be geting a new team togethe

  4. Hi out there.. any body know anything about a board i have …its a Justin Ashby/Iron Cross 1989…Has a red pig on the flipside sitting on blue skulls. Has a BlueCross on the top , i guess the Pig has somint to do with Pig City??

    Still ridin it for cruzin onlytho….


  5. Hi Chris: Justin Ashby has a lot to do with Pig City. He’s one of the key people in the Brighton skate world. I hope someone can help you with specific information about that particular deck.

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