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R.a.D Magazine Stickers and Billy’s of Cambridge Advert

R.a.D Magazine Stickers For Sale

  • Sick Colours!
  • Melt Your Eyeballs!
  • Bright and Sticky!

I hope Billy’s will forgive me if I dwell on the R.a.D Magazine sticker advert this time. This one honours the designer of the logo, and master of the spanked-up Xerox art, Nick Philip. That’s Nick’s face squashed on the photo-copier montaged in with the R.a.d logo.

After working on R.a.d Nick moved to California, where he has been involved in many wonderful things over the years. Right now he’s back with his roots, applying his special vision to clothing: in this case astonishing T shirts where the design covers the whole shirt.

Those who remember some of the early Anarchic Adjustment shirts, which covered your chest in so much plastic ink that they felt like a bullet-proof vest, will be reassured to know that these use a new sublimation print system which allows the broad canvas without making the shirt feel like it’s made out of sailcloth.

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