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Munster Mash. Europe’s Biggest Skate Comp (1988, that is)

Caballero, Dressen, Gonzales and Guerrero, Munster 1988What an amazing issue this was. So much stuff all happening in one month. This was the seventh Munster World Cup and Europe had never seen anything on this scale in the eighties. It would rate as pretty big even by today’s standards. And the quality of the skating would also stand the test of time, I think.

All the pictures in this opening spread were by Dobie.

Skating in Europe’s going mad. No doubt about it. Every year the competition at Munster in Germany gets bigger but this, the seventh one, was even better than everyone had expected.

It started out as purely European competition, but gradually more and more Americans joined in. This year there were dozens of them. The Munster World Cup was a world class event: the first real one since the Vancouver Worlds a couple of years back.

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  1. I was there in 87 and 88 and it was the coolest ever! Tony Mag doing the biggest backside ollies and the crashing 6 to a room with Mon and the Banbury boys. Happy days

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