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Eric Dressen, Tommy Guerrero, Jeff Hedges: Munster 1988

Jeff Hedges, Tommy Guerrero, Eric Dressen: Munster 1988Oh dear. Back in the days before desktop publishing you did not know what things would look like until you got the magazines back from the printers. Unless you could afford proofs, which we could not. So the yellow tint behind some of this worked OK, but the magenta one makes it impossible to read the text. Such was life back then.

The sidebar at the bottom is about an incident I had long forgotten. On the day of the finals neither Christian Hosoi nor Eric Dressen showed up. Both were still asleep. Somehow someone woke up Hosoi and got him to the hall. Eric Dressen slept on. There were murmurs that this was because Hosoi was considered the bigger ‘star’ by the organisers and the feelings came to head with a bit of a fight at the post-contest party.

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  1. First edition I ever read. Couldn’t work out what the hell was going on. Think I some how forced myself to read the full article though.

    I felt like I was entering an arcane world with an assumed history. But I was 12.

  2. Very well put thank you. I think you’ve nailed what we were trying to do – share a very specialised world in a way which was inclusive and welcoming without watering it down to the point where it wasn’t true to itself.

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