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Latest Simon Evans Show

I always was a fan of the Simon Evans currently known as an artist.

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  1. Hi…Can someone please scan and post up Simon Evans’ R.A.D. interview (I think it was either ’92/’93), I’d really like to see that again – I’ve lost my original copy of the mag. Cheers, Chris….

  2. Actually, yup – here it is fresh from the Nov ’92 issue.

    Here’s the link:

    http://www.wikisend.com/download/484344/Simon Evans.zip

    Now, my little scanner isn’t big enough for RAD’s page size, so you get each page twice. Zoom-in to cope with their mental graphic-design sensibilities! Its a big file because of the resolution needed to actually read the thing!

    I’ve added the front cover – lovely mustard Evans with wheels smaller than his bearings – and I’ve also included a scan of the Dan Wainwright intro from the same issue. You lucky people.



    Sorry about wikisend – active for 7 days – any problems then email me and I’ll arrange something else.

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