When We Was Rad:
Skateboard History from UK Vintage Magazine

Wasrad on Facebook?

If the world is fleeing into Facebook then I guess I had better try to take this inside those closed walls…

7 responses to “Wasrad on Facebook?”

  1. Hi there,

    I have a large collection of old RAD magazines from the late 80’s….lookin to sell them….are you interested?

    ket me know

  2. Hi Terry,

    Speaking for myself, I have a complete collection of Rad magazines, thank you. But others here might be interested. If anyone wants to contact Terry, post your contact details here and I will forward them on to him.


  3. Would like a copy of issue no. 83 ( 10 years of british skating ) if anyone has a spare, i am willing to buy, please get in touch.

  4. I will have a look to see if i have issue 83, and also the marget street comp……..the magazines are stored at my mums house so I need to go get them to check through!!

    I will be in touch soon.


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