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Great video from Graham Taylor

Just seen a video mashup by Graham Taylor which combines Norman McClaren, Georges Balanchine and skate video from the eighties and ninenties. Part of me feels a bit uncomfortable with the ballet parallel. But I’ve always felt extremely uncomfortable with the ‘skateboarding as stadium sport’ let alone ‘skateboarding in the Olympics’ line. So give me this any time. It really brought a smile to the day…

skatersvdancers one from graham taylor on Vimeo.

rough paralleling of skateboarding and modern ballet dancing, both disciplines evolved in different parts of the 20th century dealing with interpretation of space and environement and both effected profoundly by the involvement of film cameras. seen here are the choreography of george balanchine, the films of norman mclaren and various skate films from late 90’s and early 2000’s

2 responses to “Great video from Graham Taylor”

  1. A very interesting and enjoyable film from the former England manager.
    who’d win in a fight skater or ballet dancer??

  2. cool vid..lol i know a couple of male ballet dancers and i think most people would think twice picking a fight with someone with so much strength and built like an absolute brick shit house.

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