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Justin Ashby Intro — Livingston Skatepark

Justin Ashby at Livingston Skatepark 1988Justin Ashby was a key figure in UK skateboarding throughout the period of R.a.d Magazine (and long before and since too, of course).

I was really pleased when I turned the page and saw this. Strangely enough I was talking to someone last night about the history of Livingston and explaining how it nearly didn’t have a flat bottom in that original bowl.

Places to skate feature prominently in this Intro, which must have been done just before the big ramp at The Level was built, or maybe just after: Justin says they’re “going to put another foot of vert on it”. He also cites the ramp at Bourges “10′ transitions, a foot of vert and about 50′ wide. It’s got 20′ of basic ramp, then there’s a 4′ channel, then there are escalators down on both sides for another 8′, then back up again. And on one end there’s an extra 2′ extension so it’s about 13 or 14′ high.

And the skaters Justin rates in this Intro match that kind of terrain: Jason Jessess, the Godoys, Steve Claar, Craig Johnson, Jeff Phillips, Lucian, Jamie Blair and Davie Philip. So does his raddest thing seen: “Jason Jessee’s Christ Air to Fakie”.

By the way: if you’re reading this and know the history of Pig City you might be interested in a comment posted in July 2009 about trying to get the Pig City Shop going again.

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