When We Was Rad:
Skateboard History from UK Vintage Magazine

Sorry for the break

That was painful. The site got caught up in one of the latest WordPress hacks, so I took it down for a while until I had time to try to sort it out. Sorry for the break in service.

3 responses to “Sorry for the break”

  1. By any chance, do you know what issue the flatland interview with James Mulby and Mark Guy appeared in? As I would like to try and re-read that article – Cheers

  2. Hi there,
    I was about 15 or so at the time so around winter of 1989 ?
    It was at a time where skating was allot more popular in RAD, and I believe it was a 2 page special near the back of the magazine.

    It was a dedicated interview to these 2 BMX riders (doen as a combo together).



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