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Skateboard Shop Adverts UKThere are some unfamiliar names in here. Which of these is still in existence? Add a comment if you know.

  • Surf Ski, Coventry
  • Gridiron, Nottingham
  • Stamyps Skates, Birmingham
  • Cheshire Skateboard Centre, Northwich
  • Skate Zone, Torquay
  • Mycyles, Malvern
  • TnB, Tiverton
  • Scotby Cycles, Carlisle
  • Round Ocean, Doncaster
  • Tombstone, Bristol

There’s also Matchrite, selling their jokes and someone advertising wholesale supplier of “Totally Radical Surf’n’Skate ‘T’ shirts now available!! Does anyone know who that was? Could it have been one of the great industry titans of the current boom starting business life in their back room?

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