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Curtis McCann, Shell Centre, South Bank, July 1992: cover of issue 110 of Rad Magazine

Curtis McCann, Shell CentreCurtis McCann, legendary skater. The Shell Centre, legendary spot.

Coming up in this issue we’ll also see another legend, the Plan B video and also a few more infamous elements such as the experiments with early video-frame-grab technology and the free cover-mount R.a.D keyring. Including those three things in one sentence is some kind of joke. One of them was a world-changer, and it certainly wasn’t the keyring. Or the frame-grabs.

The cover lines for this issue:

  • Curtis McCann on the Underworld
  • New cyber style
  • Tekno tv issue
  • Fresh high speed sequences – frame by frame action
  • Plan B Video review – best yet
  • Holiday movies – North Wales, Scarborough
  • Milton Keynes & Leigh on Sea comps
  • Free lucky keyring

The strap line (not sure if this was the first appearance) was ‘Brain Food for Street Thugs’. But there’s also “Rebel Against Drudgery”, so this aspect of the cover was probably still evolving under the earnest guidance of Gavin Hills.

I’m glad that we’re finally able to go through one of the ‘larger-than-A4’ issues from the last period of the magazine. I really liked that era. The skating was pushing the limits in all manner of directions at that time and Curtis McCann was one of the defining skaters of the age.

8 responses to “Curtis McCann, Shell Centre, South Bank, July 1992: cover of issue 110 of Rad Magazine”

  1. please could it b possible to send me the issue with the fleece n firkin bar at bristol .had me and a few freinds in it.88 ,87 ,89 one of those years,it had a free cticker ,might of been a pink and blu 1.and it also mite of been the first lot of sticker issues.also i can rite really good articles ,and do interviews .all that kind of stuff,i still kate at deanlane bristol and i do graff too.and i am into computers so give me a call 07813777480.thank u ,craig .

  2. I take it that this was not the R.a.D. issue that covered skating in Milton Keynes?
    Quite a few of my mates had some good shots in that issue – anyone know which one it was? Would love to lay my hands on a copy!

  3. Tao,
    This issue covered the Bus Station comp which I think was in early June 92. The first MK article was the year before with words and pics by Leo. Skaters were Leo (melon over lamp post at the beige, 180 nose grind on the courts rail), Jessop (360 flip down the biege 3 steps), Bryan (backside smith on the courts rail, which was actually a frontside 5-0 of sorts), James Knight (melon off the high wall at the beige, me and Linz in the background), Steve Ince (nose grind tail grab at the station) and Dean Jasper (melon down the large steps over the large brown bar). I lost my copy years ago but luckily had taken photo’s of the pics for a uni project. Happy to email them to you if you want?
    Lindsay Knight has made a film about skating in MK which should be available soon. It includes some old pics and footage. Clip available – http://vimeo.com/30461246

  4. Cool – great video too – can’t wait for the full version.
    Lets hope they show it at the Buszy!

    If you could email the scans – that would be cool.
    If you were in the shots too then we must have skated together!


  5. Any chance at all of getting to see page 16? The article on scenes? I’m pretty sure it is about coastal towns and has a bit on Scarborough – I can’t find this issue of RAD anywhere and it would be awesome to read a bit about the scarborough scene in 1992 as it was just a few years before I moved into the town and it was always such a tight crew in those days. Cheers, Blandy!

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