You are here: Home » Issue 110 July 1992 » Curtis McCann, Shell Centre, South Bank, July 1992: cover of issue 110 of Rad Magazine

Curtis McCann, Shell CentreCurtis McCann, legendary skater. The Shell Centre, legendary spot.

Coming up in this issue we’ll also see another legend, the Plan B video and also a few more infamous elements such as the experiments with early video-frame-grab technology and the free cover-mount R.a.D keyring. Including those three things in one sentence is some kind of joke. One of them was a world-changer, and it certainly wasn’t the keyring. Or the frame-grabs.

The cover lines for this issue:

  • Curtis McCann on the Underworld
  • New cyber style
  • Tekno tv issue
  • Fresh high speed sequences – frame by frame action
  • Plan B Video review – best yet
  • Holiday movies – North Wales, Scarborough
  • Milton Keynes & Leigh on Sea comps
  • Free lucky keyring

The strap line (not sure if this was the first appearance) was ‘Brain Food for Street Thugs’. But there’s also “Rebel Against Drudgery”, so this aspect of the cover was probably still evolving under the earnest guidance of Gavin Hills.

I’m glad that we’re finally able to go through one of the ‘larger-than-A4’ issues from the last period of the magazine. I really liked that era. The skating was pushing the limits in all manner of directions at that time and Curtis McCann was one of the defining skaters of the age.

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