When We Was Rad:
Skateboard History from UK Vintage Magazine

Contents of Issue 110 of Rad Magazine, July 1992

Contents of Issue 110 of Rad Magazine July 1992Now I understand why there’s been such a long delay in publishing this post. I had reached the contents page and could not face typing out everything that’s on here!

So for now, I’ll just list the items themselves:

  • News
  • R.a.Diation 7
  • Steve Douglas 12
  • Products 54
  • Couch Session 58
  • Diss-Communication 60
  • Comps
  • Doing it in the Street 42
  • Usage and Abusage 46
  • Return of the Killer Mini-comps 50
  • Scenes
  • Fun for All the Family… (not) 16
  • Curtis McCann Interview 24
  • Intro 38
  • Tricks
  • The Return of the Nose Slide 30

The pictures are:
Greg Nowik ‘Flips out at Leigh’
Curtis Mc Cann’s board goes for a swim
Postcards from the edge — Llandudno style (Andrew Evans)

Now: what do I do next? Where does this go from here.