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Welcome to a Big Issue for 2010/11

At last! I’m so glad that to finally be able to put one of the late-period issues of R.a.D up on this site. I really liked that period of the magazine. Thank you to Morley College (a wonderful place only a stone’s throw from the South Bank) for the use of the A3 scanner which made this possible.

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Sorry for the break

That was painful. The site got caught up in one of the latest WordPress hacks, so I took it down for a while until I had time to try to sort it out. Sorry for the break in service.

Announcements timlb 26 Sep 2009 3 Comments

Technical Issues

I don’t normally go in for self-regarding nonsense about this site. After all, the whole thing is self-regarding material about something from the past, and I need to draw a line somewhere.But I’ve recently upgraded to a new version of WordPress and have taken the opportunity to add this extra space for items which do not fit in with the main flow of the R.a.d archive.

Announcements timlb 02 Apr 2008 2 Comments