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Wasrad on Facebook?

If the world is fleeing into Facebook then I guess I had better try to take this inside those closed walls…

Issue 67 September 1988 timlb 10 Mar 2009 7 Comments

Simon on Chrome Ball Incident

God bless Google alerts for bringing a smile to my face today: good to see so many people remember Simon Evans on Chrome Ball Incindent.

Issue 67 September 1988 timlb 05 Feb 2009 No Comments

R.a.D Sticker Rides Again

Somebody sent me a link to a picture showing Tony Hawk at a 2008 Retro-contest, complete with a R.a.D sticker on the ramp and Mike Manzoori filming in the background. But I can’t find it now. Most strange.

Issue 67 September 1988 timlb 10 Jan 2009 2 Comments

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