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Wasrad on Facebook?

If the world is fleeing into Facebook then I guess I had better try to take this inside those closed walls…

Issue 67 September 1988 timlb 10 Mar 2009 7 Comments

Intro: Mark Findlay

Mark Findlay at Bowes Lyon House StevenageInteresting to notice that Fids nominated Stevenage as his favourite ramp even though he came from Ramsgate. That’s a sign of the times: he had to travel into London and out the other side to skate it.

His answer to the question “What would make skating better?” — “Better weather or more indoor ramps” touches on the same subject. We got the “more indoor ramps”, though never enough of them. The weather did not get better. Quite the reverse. This has been one of the wettest winters in a while.

And the thought I like best? “Carter doing McTwists” it makes me smile even now.

More about Bowes Lyon Skatepark in Stevenage.

Issue 67 September 1988 timlb 04 Mar 2009 2 Comments

Don Brider, Dirty Ditches and a 1988 email address

Skateboard letters September 1988In this selection of letters we have

  • Mad Snoz and his cohorts writing about Dirty Ditches, but where?
  • Livi Skates thanking everyone who came for Pure Fun
  • Partying on the Isle of Wight
  • Vallely on vert (lots of it) at Latimer
  • A Picture of Don B
  • and our email address from 1988 = Telecom Gold 72:MAG90459

I’d forgotten that we kept that old address going. I thought it had died out with BMX Action Bike.

Issue 67 September 1988 timlb 17 Feb 2009 No Comments

Back in the Day: vintage skateboard shop adverts from 1988

Skateboard Shops in Southampton, Manchester, Lewisham and Weston-super-Mare from 1988Off Beat Sportz take the prize this time for their “We Like Cats and Dogs Price List” tag line. What was that all about, then?
Action Ramps deserve some other kind of prize for breaking down the humble jump-ramp into a whole series of components.
Meanwhile Youngs favoured the “long copy” approach, Split went for the big claim (but it was certainly true the time I went there) and Weston BMX and Leisure turned sideways to fit it all in.
Each of the shops had a distinctive style and a crew of locals to match in the days before chain stores sold skateboards!

Issue 67 September 1988 timlb 11 Feb 2009 3 Comments

Simon on Chrome Ball Incident

God bless Google alerts for bringing a smile to my face today: good to see so many people remember Simon Evans on Chrome Ball Incindent.

Issue 67 September 1988 timlb 05 Feb 2009 No Comments

Free skateboard classified adverts from 1988

Free Skateboard Classified Adverts from 1988At some point I knew I would run out of interesting things to say about “The Wall”. That moment has come.
It was intended as the Craigslist for UK skateboarding of its time and delighted me when it turned into Myspace. But I’m stretching things too far again. Time to shut up!

Issue 67 September 1988 timlb 03 Feb 2009 No Comments

Street Contest from Munster 1988

Overviews of Munster Street Competition course, 1988Interesting bits in here…

  • The overview of what we described as ‘the streetstyle device‘: state of the art at the time was: ‘Bank, quarter-pipe and mini-handrail all in one unit.” Now you see things like that all over the place. They’ve become a standard item in public and commercial parks. In 1988 this seemed like a first to us: “You could do three moves in one hit.”
  • Quote of the street-style event: “Oh well, I guess I’ll make up for that in my second run…” Mike Vallely after his ‘first’ qualifier. They had one run each.
  • Stuart Dryden, from Southsea, who came over from Southsea and entered in the days when travelling to competitions like this was beyond the reach of most people.

These were the killer things which lodged in Shane [O’Brien’s] memory. Gonzales’ Ollie Stalefish Method 180 and Railslide regular footed [we were amazed by switch-stance then]. Cab’s Backside 180 Ollies off the jump ramp. Vallely’s 360 Frontside Hand-plant on the double-sided jump ramp. And Hosoi’s Frontside Wall-ride when his back foot slipped leaving him hanging off the top of the wall with his front foot keeping hold of the board. After a few sweaty moments, he shuffled the board back up and rode out. Delirium

Issue 67 September 1988 timlb 20 Jan 2009 No Comments

R.a.D Sticker Rides Again

Somebody sent me a link to a picture showing Tony Hawk at a 2008 Retro-contest, complete with a R.a.D sticker on the ramp and Mike Manzoori filming in the background. But I can’t find it now. Most strange.

Issue 67 September 1988 timlb 10 Jan 2009 2 Comments

Eric Dressen, Tommy Guerrero, Jeff Hedges: Munster 1988

Jeff Hedges, Tommy Guerrero, Eric Dressen: Munster 1988Oh dear. Back in the days before desktop publishing you did not know what things would look like until you got the magazines back from the printers. Unless you could afford proofs, which we could not. So the yellow tint behind some of this worked OK, but the magenta one makes it impossible to read the text. Such was life back then.

The sidebar at the bottom is about an incident I had long forgotten. On the day of the finals neither Christian Hosoi nor Eric Dressen showed up. Both were still asleep. Somehow someone woke up Hosoi and got him to the hall. Eric Dressen slept on. There were murmurs that this was because Hosoi was considered the bigger ‘star’ by the organisers and the feelings came to head with a bit of a fight at the post-contest party.

Issue 67 September 1988 timlb 08 Jan 2009 2 Comments

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