When We Was Rad:
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  • When Freestyle BMX started to get real: Greg Guillotte and Tim Ruck’s Invert Series

    Everything here looks the same as before when you study the details in that overview picture. But I have a feeling things were beginning to change. Skateboarding was taking off again and BMX was about to undergo another transformation. This was the start of something different. In retrospect, I wish we had found more space…

  • Ride if You Want to How You Want To

    Nick Philip wrote this article of the “First Invert Series Bike Ramp Jam” at Chingford. Something’s Happening, Bro’. It started at Crawley and it’s building up speed. The bike riders of this country are getting clued in. They’ve stopped expecting somebody else to organise their lives and they’ve started doing something for themselves. The Invert…