When We Was Rad:
Skateboard History from UK Vintage Magazine

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  • Muswell Hills Finest Skateshop

    Hills Skates in Muswell Hill were a long time advertiser in R.a.D. but I can’t remember a great deal about them. The Bauer Turbo Roller skate which features so prominently here encourages my notion that their background was in eight wheels, not four. I’ve just noticed one point of interest here: Mapled Blank Deck with…

  • Anarchic Adjustment Not an Advert and Clan + Mach Adverts from 1988

    “To Remain Underground and Exclusive is to Resist the Mainstream Therefore This is Not an Anarchic Adjustment Advert” It may seem unfair to place so much emphasis on the Anarchic Adjustment advert here when there are also ads from Glasgow stalwarts, Clan and Mach in Edinburgh, but I saw Nick last month for the first…