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I have no idea why the coverage of this ESA competition at Preston was slotted in to two pages of “Ears”. Perhaps we didn’t have enough space anywhere else for it? R.a.D Issue 58 Page 5

The Preston ramp was another ramp in a roller-rink from the same people as the legendary Warrington. Paul Duffy’s picture shows Mark Van Der Eng. The A Group result is described as “surprising” but I can’t quite see why. Davie Phillips came first with Pete Dosset second and Mark Van De Eng third. Dosset was very much a new boy at the time, so perhaps that was it?

Lija gets a first mention as a “new face”. Barry Abrook partied so hard he could not skate the next day. Gary Clegg got into a fight. Things went very wrong for Phil Burgoyne, much to everyone’s surprise as he was fresh from winning the Slam City competition at Latimer Road.

“I skated like a Wally. I couldn’t get it together on frontside grinds. I fell off five in a row, all fourth trick. So I was beaten by Ashley Day. A bit of a come down from Slam City.

Another sign of the times: terrible black and white reproduction. Colour was very tightly rationed in those days: only available on certain pages, and the budget wouldn’t allow us to use all of it even then. So sorting out the pagination was always a delicate art. To make matters worse, the black and white reproduction tended to be done on the cheap as well, so the results were awful. As is the case here.

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