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Classic Slam City and Billy's Adverts 1987Two original ads from companies still active in skateboard mail order in twenty years later. Slam City adverts were a staple part of the R.a.D Magazine world, each with its own distinctive graphic style. The picture is from Meanwhile II and I would assume Paul Sunman took it. I don’t know who the skater was.
Billys (Townsends Cycles) adverts were just as regular a feature of the scenery. This one suffers from a missing address/phone number: another example of the perils of physical cut’n’paste page make-up! But it does include some prices which make interesting reading: Gullwing Trucks from £12.60 to £19.99 each, while Indy 169s were £11.99. All Santa Cruz decks were £36.99 while Vision and Sims cost more at around £45 to £46. You had to phone for Powell prices…

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