You are here: Home » Issue 58 November 1987 » Andy Ruffells Holeshot BMX and Skate Christmas Party 1987

Holeshot Preview 1987 Rad MagazineThe big Christmas event for 1987 was Andy Ruffell’s Holeshot competition. He knew how to stage such things, even then. This was the first year in which skating was included, and Christian Hosoi was on the list. Also lined up were Jeff Grosso and Jason Jessee with Marc Gonzales and Gator in the “maybe in your dreams” category.

On the BMX side, Matt Hoffman was paying a return visit along with Ron Wilkerson and Josh White. The other aspect of this which was a guaranteed crowd-pleaser was that it was NOT a “leave your boards at home” show. This was to be a party for the whole scene.

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