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Boardwalkers, Rollermania and Mudd Fox AdvertsHere’s another one for all the skateboard industry historians and gear freaks. Cyril’s Boardwalkers was the home of the Banbury mini-ramp featured in the “Life Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness” article in this issue. Somebody correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think they survived very long.
Rollermania, on the other hand, is one of the longest lasting names in British skate history and a Bristol legend. I first met Tony Coffey when Alpine Sports sponsored him with some Rector rollerskates for some charity skate back in the seventies. Tony and Lou always had their own special way of doing things which gave their shop a distinctive personality. They’re still around and remain unique skate maverics rather than establishment figures — strangely placed between the big traditional companies and the newer hard core skater shops. Rollermania also go for new brands whenever they can: note the Shut boards in this advert and Cockroach wheels.
Prices in these adverts will make your eyes water: Hosoi Street boards for £29.99 and CD (cosmetic defect) Santa Cruz wheels for £16.00 a set!
Odd man out is Muddy Fox. I wonder why they were advertising mountain bikes in a skateboard magazine at this point?

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