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Skate City and Skateboard Gang AdvertsI’m intrigued by the “Skateboard Gang” (shades of Thrashing in that title) video. I know nothing about it. It wasn’t from one of the mainstream companies, and it wasn’t something happening underground in the UK. Our lines of information came from those two sources, most of the time. Anything outside of that seemed alien to us.
I suspect we would have largely ignored this on the assumption that it was some “non-skate” company trying to jump on the skateboarding bandwaggon. We were very supsicious of anyone who hadn’t been around the main skateboard scene for years.
I wonder if things are much better now? The channels for communication are more varied now but I suspect it’s still just as difficult for new voices to be heard and new companies to find a market.
Skate City Bromley were in there as ever — an example from the opposite side: a shop which had been around for years, steadily supplying their local scene (mini-ramp on the derelict site next to the shop etc).

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