David Slade’s first video plus loads of new skateboard products from May 1991

New skateboard products, May 1991Oh, this is one for skateboard gear fanatics. I do not know how Vernon found so much to say…
Tucked away at the end is a mention of David Slade’s first video, “Smart People in a Car Crash” which I think he made while still at college. Strangely enough, I came across my copy of that this very morning.

Shiner sent the biggest packages this page has ever seen, containing Vision, G&S, Blockhead, Powell and Santa Cruz stuff. Vision’s first — Mike Crum’s board crops up from Dallas, Texas. His board (and fellow Texan, Chris Gentry’s) come under the Vision “New Blood” label — how pleasantly patronising. Crum and Gentry are both known rippers of vert, rather than Cali street wizards snapping pro models left, right and centre, so these boards are much more of that genre in a “new age” style. Both have a good concave and ample tail and nose, with wood-stain finish and solid construction. Sizes: for Crum, 23.25″ by 10 with 6″ or 6.5″ of nose and 6.5″ of tail; for Gentry, 32.25″ by 10″, 5.5″ or 6″ of nose and 6.5″ tail.
Buck Smith has moved over from Sims to Vision and his new board has a more commercial shape. This board has V6 concave on its 14″ wheelbase, cartoon graphics and excellent finish. Overall specs: 32″ by 9.625″ with 6.125″ nose and 6.375″ tail. Don’t forget Vision rails if you’re looking to slide these boards: here we show Vision Type 2 Rails which are really chunky and good value at £3.99 — plenty of plastic for your cash. There are also Vision “Anti-vibe” rails with rubber backing to keep noise to a minimum for bust-free skating. What I like most about these rails is that they come with wood screws, but if you read the warranty that the boards carry you’ll discover you could be in breach of it: “To protect you warranty… mount all accessories with T bolts (sex-bolts) only.” If this does void the manufacturer’s warranty, you’ll see who’s really getting screwed when you also read the following advice: “Special T nuts and screws are available at your authorised Vision dealer…” But not as part of the price with these rails!!
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Feast your eyes on this vintage skateboard gear freaks!

Skateboard products May 1991Look at these deck shapes. They’re right on the point of changing: still very wide but with some of them starting to move towards the symmetry of the lozenge shape. There’s some very interesting stuff in here if you can make it out. The text will reveal more.
In order to keep to our budget we used to take these pictures on colour print film (on the balcony outside my living room window in this instance…) , then cut out the pictures and stick them all on a big bit of card so we could get them scanned in one go.

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Rage Magazine Advert May 1991

Rage Magazine Advert May 1991Rage was “the indispensable teen guide to dance, indie, rock, rap, tv, film… and more” according to the advert. This was another in-house Maxwell advert, but in this case there was some genuine overlap. I’m not sure what happened to Rage. I have a vague feeling that Steve Hicks, who was later to take R.a.d and Phat into some wonderful territory, worked as a designer on Rage.

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More Skateboard News from 1991, Ewer Street and Federation of Scottish Skateboarders

Skateboard News 1991 from BritainLots of stuff on new skate spots in here as well as an early announcement of what was to become the legendary Ewer Street “Arches” indoor ramp park in London and a plug for Skin’s big bay in Cardiff.


Yes: the Cardiff vert ramp is back in action. It’s ready for use at the Cardiff Athletic Stadium in Leckwith Road. The city seem to have gone from one extreme to the other: originally the ramp was just plonked in a corner of a car park somewhere else in Cardiff — now its located in a purpose built enclosure, surrounded by a high fence and safety flooring. There’s enough space in the enclosure to build a street course and minis, but the area will need to be tarmaced first. The safety flooring around the big ramp has also deliberately been extended wide enough to allow the addition of extra width to the ramp.


This summer we’re likely to see more pro skaters touring in Europe than ever before. First to arrive will be Santa Cruz: they’re here from May 25th to May 26th.
Vision will be touring Britain from June 1st to June 5th. Chris Gentry’s coming, along with Buck Smith and Beau Ikeda.
The annual Bones Brigade European Extravaganza will feature Nicky Guerrero, Tony Hawk, Buck Lasek and Mike Manzouri in Britain this year. They’re here for a full week between July 7th and July 14th. Venues have yet to be announced.


The bureaucratic delays lumber on and on. And you thought all those properties were empty because people couldn’t afford the rent? Wrong: they just couldn’t find anyone who’d sign-up to accept it…
A very frustrated Messrs Kai and Danny are persevering with their plans to re-create the spirit of Rolling Thunder and Skate Circus. The pens are poised, but the bloke with the contract has gone on holiday. Laugh or cry: you choose.
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UK Skateboard News, May 1991

British skateboarding news from 1991Here’s Andy Howell appealing for skate-artists to submit work for what would have been one of (the?) first books on the subject of skateboard art. I wonder if he ever received anything as a result of this?


The skaters of Winchester now have somewhere new to skate courtesy of a novel arrangement between the city authorities and the local skate club. There’s a mini, a spine-mini, and a tarmac area which could be used for street stuff, in the park beside the leisure centre in the middle of the town. The builder of the ramp was also responsible for the Southsea minis, which should give a lot of you an idea what they’re like. The two sets of coping which make up the spine are a bit far apart, though, which is a shame.
The way the ramps have been financed makes the Winchester set-up very different from anything else. Jill Guppy, from the Winchester and District Skateboard Club explained how, after the usual hassling, the council came up with a deal whereby they provided a space and loaned the club some money. Unfortunately instead of just spending the money on skate stuff, the club had to use a fair bit of it to tarmac the area and fence it. The park also has to be supervised. Which means that in order to pay back the loan and the interest on it (and pay for the supervision), this has to be a “pay to skate facility” — currently £1 a session.


Andy Howell is working on a book about the creative minds of skateboarding. “All skateboarders are artists, and many artists also enjoy other forms of creative expression beside (or in combination with) skateboarding itself. As an artist I want to see those people recognized in a book which presents a collective look at the artwork of the skateboarding culture.” The book will include biographies and interviews with the artists “Art in any form will be covered, and all mediums of expression are welcome, including painting, photography, sculpting, cartooning, drawing, poetry, prose, music etc.”
If you’d like to know more, write to us including a stamped addressed envelope and we’ll send you a photo-copy of Andy’s suggestions about how to submit some of your work for possible inclusion in the book.

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UK Skateboard News from May 1991

UK Skateboard News May 1991There’s a hefty chunk on international skateboard competition politics, from the time when such issues were being thrashed out again for the first time in ten years (I’m thinking of the Euroskate ’82 contest at the Crystal Palace National Sports Centre and shuddering even now).


Powell will have a new video out any day now, called, simply ‘8’ • G & S are also releasing a short video, a 15-20 minute taste for the full length video which will appear later in the year. • Good news for Danny Webster: he’s out following a successful appeal • Davie Philip is back on Zorlac (but keep the skulls to a minimum, please). Millie’s also on Zorlac now (though Shine are also claiming him?) • Winston Whitter’s moved from Toxic to Life • Matt Dawson’s on BBC • Shane Rouse, Neil Danns, Davie Philip and Pete Dossett are probably off for another set of demos in Turkey at the beginning of June • Congratulations Grant and Laura Brittain on the birth of Zo Elyse • Last minute news, timed to a ‘T’ — watch out for a mini New Deal tour-ette at the beginning of May • Huntington Beach considering a ban on skateboarding? No skating in one of the original birthplaces of the art??? Sacrilege! John Lucero, Marty Jimenez, Ed Templeton and Jim Gray turned up for a public meeting with the Mayor to speak out against it. No decision has yet been reached • Presteigne correction Bad Company Boards sponsored the street comp, as well as Wear and Tear and Sean Beddowes won it — sorry
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Contents of Issue 96 of R.a.D Magazine, May 1991

Contents Page from May 1991 R.a.D Magazine

Some cracking stuff in here, notably the “How to be the world’s greatest street skater” article!


16 All Play and No Work

The daily grind

23 Holy Hamburg

Europe’s Hottest Skate Spot

27 How to be the World’s Greatest Street Skater

Win Münster with our 30 day wonder-plan

39 Birmingham Days

Skate HARD in the City

56 Goshen Gallery

Snaps and Snippets from the Bury comp


6 Ears

Summer Tour Dates, New Places and Faces

10 Products

Decked out for the sun

12 Letters

Gavin gives as good as he gets

14 Steve Douglas Page

As predicted last month: Cab’s won one

21 Couch Session

Blinding stuff — a major contribution from Gonzales and co

36 Spangleski

Hi-jacked by Hardcore, the Mouth of the Street

46 The Wall

Hi to X-ey, Y-ey and Z-ey. Please send diagrams.

48 Intros

Warren Brown, Winston Whitter, Jagger

52 Sequences

Tweakery, nosery and bumpery

61 Desert Island Skater

Brider Bleeding on a Beach

62 Calendar

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Airbourne Zorlac Street Hell Advert

Zorlac UK Advert 1991This from the days when Zorlac had their own UK distribution company. In this respect Airbourne Zorlac were up with Powell in the ‘ahead of their time’ stakes; they had a go at doing their own distribution in the UK long before most manufacturers.
By 2006 this approach had become much more common. The European distributors are starting to be squeezed out of the picture and are taking to manufacture instead, as skateboarding becomes a mature (!) global industry. I expect the trend to continue as the ‘distribution’ stage in the supply chain gradually fades out.

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Dark Side and World Beat Magazine Adverts from 1991

Dark Side and World Beat Magazine Adverts 1991Dark Side and World Beat were other mags published by R.a.D’s owners at this time (Maxwell Specialist Magazines). Pages like these were used to cross-promote the various titles.
In the case of World Beat, which covered world music, there would have been a considerable crossover. I’m not so sure about Dark Side “The Magazine of the Macbre and Fantastic”. Having said that, one of our happiest periods was when we shared an office with “Games Master” magazine which covered similar territory.

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Vision Street Wear Shoes Joe Gruber Advert 1991

Vision Street Wear Shoes Joe Gruber Advert 1991It’s an advert. It’s for skateboard shoes.
Skateboard shoes (DC, not these) kept me alive for many years and almost paid off the debts built up by publishing skateboard magazines, so they’re fine by me.

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