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Sequence: Jason Maldini Ollie Japan Air

Jason Maldini Ollie Japan Air skateboard sequenceHaving said last week that I didn’t really like the sequences, I have to eat my words. I like the style of this a lot. Jason Maldini was another South Bank stalwart who probably should have got more coverage than he did. Vernon took the pictures.

How To / Trick Tips &Issue 96 May 1991 timlb 14 Oct 2007 1 Comment

Sequences: 180 Ollie to Nose and Frontside Bench Slide to Revert

Skateboard sequences: 180 Ollie to Nose and Frontside Bench Slide to Revert
Simon Evans and Tony Luckhurst at Watlington and South Bank.
At this point we’re still burning real film for sequences. The video fuzziness was yet to come. The challenge of showing the trick was always hard enough — it looks like at this point we’d given up trying to describe them in words!
I think Vernon took the Luckhurst sequence, although he isn’t credited on this page.
Sequences were always a visual compromise. Give me video any day for this kind of thing. But we knew that people were really keen to try to work out how to do new tricks, even if a magazine page would never really help. So we did our best to oblige.

How To / Trick Tips &Issue 96 May 1991 timlb 07 Oct 2007 4 Comments

Sequences – Arron Bleasdale

Arron Bleasdale Skateboard Sequence 1989I challenge you to follow this: two sequences, one running round the other on the same page. In fact it works quite well: we were always trying to get a correct sense of movement and direction into these things.
Fakie 05/05 to Fakie and Backside Lipslide, courtesy of Arron Bleasdale at Kings Cross ramp (just down the road from our offices at the time).

How To / Trick Tips &Issue 81 November 1989 timlb 12 Apr 2006 3 Comments

Sequence – Martin Wager, Frontside Ollie to Tail to 180 Shove-it to Fakie

Martin Wager Southbank 1989I guess this was just an experiment. I can’t remember any good reason why we flipped this and ran it as a negative. I don’t think this was a mistake in repro: I would have remembered something as spectacular as this!

Captain Wager must have hated us when he saw it.

I’ve made a reversed normal version of it now, in an attempt to compensate…

Reversed (normal) version of Wager sequence

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BMX How-to Double Fire Hydrant to G-Kruze

BMX How-to Double Fire-hydrant to G-KruzeLincoln Blacksley was the featured rider. He was also able to describe how to do it in slightly more detail than was usual, as well as suggesting how it could be built into a sequence of tricks.

How To / Trick Tips &Issue 58 November 1987 timlb 05 Jan 2006 1 Comment

Skate How To: No-handed Bone-up by Shane O’Brien

Skate Trick How To Bone-up“Approach the object at a moderate speed.” The classic skate how-to opening! Writing trick tips can be a real struggle. Shane O’Brien obliged at the Shell Centre.

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