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Classic Skateboard Adverts from 1987 Rad MagazineThis page contains some key British skateboard advertisers from 1987. Some of them are still around. Rollersnakes appear as “Rollernsnake” (another mistake) offering Tracker, Powell, Vision and Alva — interesting to see a truck company at the front of the list instead of the usual deck brands.
Bike City Bromley are there ( “now incorporating Skate City” ) alongside Round Ocean in Doncaster, Weston BMX, Mycycles, Bikes and Bits, and the BMX Centre Mousehole. There’s a vintage advert from jokes by post specialists, Matchrite and also a strange one from “The No-Ped Liberation Army” inserted sideways. I detect the hand of Billy Brown at play in squeezing the last few pennies out of the page.

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