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Five skaters in Livingston bowlI was talking about Livingston at the “goodbye to Harrow Day” last week. With Harrow and Southsea under threat we’re heading towards a situation where Livingston will be one of the oldest skateparks in Britain (I hope Rom’s still OK). At the time this story was written, though, I still thought of it as “new” and “state of the art” — even though this competition was staged to celebrate the first re-surfacing and the first of the improvements, in the form of coping.

People came from far and wide to celebrate the re-opening. I can certainly see Brighton represented by one of the five, yes five, people in the opening shot of the new bowl/pool at the bottom of this page.

Livingston was the greatest of British parks at this time because it had been designed and built with care after the early mistakes and just before the idea of building any facilities for skateboarding would have seemed a waste of money. In fact for decades Scotland probably had the greatest park in Europe.

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