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Santa Cruz advert featuring Natas Santa Monica Airlines deck

Natas Santa Monica Airlines Santa Cruz AdvertI’m certainly no expert on vintage skateboard companies, so I’m not quite sure where this fits in, but what we have here is a Santa Cruz advert promoting a Natas Kaupas deck which includes the “Santa Monica Airlines” logo. Perhaps someone can help out with the details of the relationship on that brand to various skateboard companies over the years? I have a vague recollection that it’s a complicated story.

On a simpler note the three other decks featured here are from Rob Roskopp, Claus Grabke and Jeff Grosso.

Those last two are skaters who both had a direct impact on Rad Magazine at various points.

Claus Grabke’s multi-talented and prolific approach included photography, writing and music so he contributed to the European skate scene and the magazine in a very direct way.

Grosso’s influence was less specific, but he was one of those fascinating people who influenced the magazine through his words as well as his skating. He struck chords which resonated strongly with the spirit of the time.

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Muswell Hills Finest Skateshop

Hills Skates Advert 1988Hills Skates in Muswell Hill were a long time advertiser in R.a.D. but I can’t remember a great deal about them. The Bauer Turbo Roller skate which features so prominently here encourages my notion that their background was in eight wheels, not four.

I’ve just noticed one point of interest here:

Mapled Blank Deck with Concave, Blue Stained and Varnished 30″ x 10″ £14.95

Blanks in 1988? That would have been a very early example of a phenomenon which I normally think of as coming along later.

Or have I got that wrong?

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Stussy No 4 T shirt and Schmitt plus Dog Town decks

Stussy No 4 T Shirt and Dog Town decks from 1988Skate Paraphernalia from September 1988:

Motobilt and Rannalli trucks, Schmitt Stix Chainsaw and Chris Miller decks, Dog Town Micke Alba deck, a Swatch pouch and a Stussy No 4 T shirt. But my favourite thing here is the custom skate badge from Ian Walker in Doncaster.

Meanwhile for everyone interested in vintage skateboard decks, look at these beauties from the days when shapes were different. Very different in the case of the Schmitt chainsaw! Interesting to note that 33″ was considered a longboard at the time.

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Anarchic Adjustment Not an Advert and Clan + Mach Adverts from 1988

Anarchic Adjustment Advert 1988To Remain Underground and Exclusive is to Resist the Mainstream
Therefore This is Not an Anarchic Adjustment Advert

It may seem unfair to place so much emphasis on the Anarchic Adjustment advert here when there are also ads from Glasgow stalwarts, Clan and Mach in Edinburgh, but I saw Nick last month for the first time in a decade. So this is very topical.

In the early days of R.a.D there were two of us sharing a single desk in the corner of someone else’s office. Nick defined the future of R.a.D just as much as I did. And he’s still at it: as his blog puts it: “Somewhere Something Incredible is Waiting to be Known.”

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More Vintage BMX, Nick Philip, Zak Shaw

Zak Shaw, Nick Philip, Chingford BMX Ramp 1988Nick Philip at work stickering the ramp with Anarchic Adjustment stickers back in 1988, before taking it to America. Zak Shaw looks on as local offers up a loco Twist from low to high…

slithering back in whenever and wherever he wished. He used the whole of the ramp with no holds barred: carving Bone-air, jamming Saran type things, snapping aggro Inverts on the other side then back for a tech¬nical lip manoeuvre on the other wall. Even if he hadn’t thrown in all the variations, watching him butcher the ramp with his carves would have been enough for me. Mental! Ever since his days of channel jumping at Meanwhile Greg Guillotte has been a gnarly risk-taker, and his performance at Chingford was no exception. Pure energy.

The A group was decidedly under-staffed. It consisted of Graham Marfleet, Greg Guillotte and Jason Ellis. Mike Canning, Scot Carol, Lee Reynolds and company were all absent. This didn’t affect the intensity of the action but only the length of time it lasted. Graham Marfleet is really pushing the limits these days and making some waves: he’s been around for ever but now people are starting to take notice. Lips, air contortion and street are where he is strong. Graham’s runs centred around airs from the high section to the low section — gnarly variations like X-down One Footer, Double Can-cans, One-hand One-footers and tweako Look-backs. The Lip was in there also: he did one Front-wheel Hop-drop where his foot flailed but he regained control and made it. Crowd elated, rider stoked: Marfleet tore — he stays on.
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When Freestyle BMX started to get real: Greg Guillotte and Tim Ruck’s Invert Series

Greg Guillotte, Jason Ellis, Tim Ruck - Chingford 1988Everything here looks the same as before when you study the details in that overview picture. But I have a feeling things were beginning to change. Skateboarding was taking off again and BMX was about to undergo another transformation. This was the start of something different. In retrospect, I wish we had found more space for this over the years.

Nick Philip provided the words.

What do you want to know about the Chingford bike jam? Think: think of a question, and, using my inter-rider-related powers of ESP, I’ll answer it before your very eyes…

The answer to your question is… Yes, yes he did.

Amazing, hey! — You don’t seem too impressed. Well, let me expand. Bikes are many things to many people. I sometimes think that riding is one of the best things in the world because, like art, it is an expression not just defined by what you do but just as much by what you don’t do. The method, the means and the medium. You create an action and by doing this, by making it yours, you state that at this precise second in your life this is what you want to do. SO DO IT.

The riders at the Chingford Jam wanted to ride, so they rode. The jam was the second rider organised half-pipe jam in the UK and the first in the ‘INVERT’ series organised by Tim Ruck and Greg Guillotte. Sponsorship came from M-Zone, Swatch, Stussy, and Gordon & Smith: these guys put money into it so that’s cool. Paul Wright had resurfaced the whole ramp and added a low section with the same transition as the rest of the ramp, but with about a foot and a half cut off. Faze 7 funded that, which is cool too.

The low section was killer for lip tricks of course and surprisingly good for airs. The locals were jamming 5 – 6 feet airs with rad variations from transitions which were way under-vert. Some even making 540s.

The turnout was good: about 300 people, most with their bikes. When that kind of quantity are gathered together by one ramp it’s a LOT of bikes. The platforms had to be cleared as lip tricks were to be expected. Talking of lips, the stickers were out in force. There are some happening zine stickers these days. So much so that five minutes after the jam the lip was completely stripped of all but one type of sticker.

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Ride if You Want to How You Want To

Graham Marfleet, Greg Guillotte, Jason Ellis from BMX Comp at ChingfordNick Philip wrote this article of the “First Invert Series Bike Ramp Jam” at Chingford.

Something’s Happening, Bro’. It started at Crawley and it’s building up speed. The bike riders of this country are getting clued in. They’ve stopped expecting somebody else to organise their lives and they’ve started doing something for themselves. The Invert Series of half-pipe jams run by Tim Ruck and Greg Guillotte are already off the ground and there are more in the pipeline. Nick Philip went down to the Faze 7 ramp at Chingford to see what was going down. And so did a LOT of other people.

And away we go. To see what Nick’s up to now, take a look at these magical T shirts at the Imaginary Foundation.

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UK Skateboard Shop Adverts 1988 style

Skateboard Shop Adverts UKThere are some unfamiliar names in here. Which of these is still in existence? Add a comment if you know.

  • Surf Ski, Coventry
  • Gridiron, Nottingham
  • Stamyps Skates, Birmingham
  • Cheshire Skateboard Centre, Northwich
  • Skate Zone, Torquay
  • Mycyles, Malvern
  • TnB, Tiverton
  • Scotby Cycles, Carlisle
  • Round Ocean, Doncaster
  • Tombstone, Bristol

There’s also Matchrite, selling their jokes and someone advertising wholesale supplier of “Totally Radical Surf’n’Skate ‘T’ shirts now available!! Does anyone know who that was? Could it have been one of the great industry titans of the current boom starting business life in their back room?

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Justin Ashby Intro — Livingston Skatepark

Justin Ashby at Livingston Skatepark 1988Justin Ashby was a key figure in UK skateboarding throughout the period of R.a.d Magazine (and long before and since too, of course).

I was really pleased when I turned the page and saw this. Strangely enough I was talking to someone last night about the history of Livingston and explaining how it nearly didn’t have a flat bottom in that original bowl.

Places to skate feature prominently in this Intro, which must have been done just before the big ramp at The Level was built, or maybe just after: Justin says they’re “going to put another foot of vert on it”. He also cites the ramp at Bourges “10′ transitions, a foot of vert and about 50′ wide. It’s got 20′ of basic ramp, then there’s a 4′ channel, then there are escalators down on both sides for another 8′, then back up again. And on one end there’s an extra 2′ extension so it’s about 13 or 14′ high.

And the skaters Justin rates in this Intro match that kind of terrain: Jason Jessess, the Godoys, Steve Claar, Craig Johnson, Jeff Phillips, Lucian, Jamie Blair and Davie Philip. So does his raddest thing seen: “Jason Jessee’s Christ Air to Fakie”.

By the way: if you’re reading this and know the history of Pig City you might be interested in a comment posted in July 2009 about trying to get the Pig City Shop going again.

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Great video from Graham Taylor

Just seen a video mashup by Graham Taylor which combines Norman McClaren, Georges Balanchine and skate video from the eighties and ninenties. Part of me feels a bit uncomfortable with the ballet parallel. But I’ve always felt extremely uncomfortable with the ‘skateboarding as stadium sport’ let alone ‘skateboarding in the Olympics’ line. So give me this any time. It really brought a smile to the day… Continue Reading »

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