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Two Seasons, Stussy, Anarchic Adjustment and Winchester BMX n Skates Adverts

Stussy, Anarchic Ajustment, Two Seasons and Winchester BMX Adverts“Dance Freaky and Adjust”. For most skate (and fashion) trivia freaks the 1987 Stussy advert, placed by M Zone, will appear more significant. But for me it’s the Anarchic Adjustment advert from Nick Philip which dominates this page and my memories of the period. The slogan resonates still.
Two Seasons from Northampton and Winchester BMX’n’Skates were also worthy supporters of course. But M-Zone and Anarchic gave the flavour to that year.

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Holeshot Final Page

Holeshot Ticket Booking Form 1987Our support of the Holeshot event probably went a bit too far. From the look of this we even included a ticket booking form in the main body of the feature!

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Skateboard Roots: No Softies and Skate City Adverts

No Softies and Skate City Advert 1987Two more shops who were solid players back in the day, and both from Kent by some unfortunate coincidence, I think. Variflex and Powell are very noticeable as well as Brand X and Blockhead. Finger boards are in there as well, of course, and Tracker Ultralights cost just £15.95 each. In amongst the G & S decks you can see the Danny Webster model listed as well as Nicky Guerrero’s making a showing for the pioneering European riders.

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Christian Hosoi Holeshot Preview

Hosoi meets Islington MontageA Steve Keenan shot from Raging Waters, montaged with an earlier Sobell Centre sticker toss. Action Bike and R.a.D were always behind events like this where the emphasis was on the fun rather than the competition, so we got as far behind this as we could with a piece which verges on advertorial. But if someone (especially someone starting out, like Ruffell) was prepared to take the risk of bringing over a load of American pros we would always back them and give them coverage. At this point visits and tours were still very exciting to everyone, including us.

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Andy Ruffells Holeshot BMX and Skate Christmas Party 1987

Holeshot Preview 1987 Rad MagazineThe big Christmas event for 1987 was Andy Ruffell’s Holeshot competition. He knew how to stage such things, even then. This was the first year in which skating was included, and Christian Hosoi was on the list. Also lined up were Jeff Grosso and Jason Jessee with Marc Gonzales and Gator in the “maybe in your dreams” category. Continue Reading »

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M-Zone Blatant Malarky Advert 1987

M-Zone Blatant Malarky Advert 1987The M-Zone adverts defined this period of R.a.D just as much as Nick Philip’s design. They captured the energy of the time and their influence was astonishing. Chuckie B was the mind behind them and can be seen in two of the pictures here (in sunglasses). The legendary Curtis McCann started his career with M-Zone, Continue Reading »

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Buddies of Ealing and Motorcycle City Adverts

Buddies and Motorcycle City Adverts Rad Magazine Issue 58Buddies was a strange shop. They made a bit of a stir at about this time, trading heavily on the idea that they’d been around a long time (picture of Benjy team riders on the wall to prove it), but most of the London skate establishment were very dubious. I think Sketchy had a poke at them over it. At this time it was hard to come to terms with the idea that there might be other pockets of skaters who were not part to the ESA, South Bank, Crystal Palace bubble. That cosy world was about to explode.
Motorcyle City was part of yet another world. In a cruel irony their advert appeared opposite one from M-Zone…

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Win a Pacer Street Scoot (Closing Date January 1st 1988)

Pacer Street Scoot Competition
All you have to do was to complete the limerick:

For a Street Scoot with Pacer to thank,
And no need to visit a bank,
Just write the last line,
To end in a rhyme…

What makes me think we weren’t as into scooters as the number of pages devoted to them in this issue suggested?

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Classic Slam City and Billys Adverts from 1987

Classic Slam City and Billy's Adverts 1987Two original ads from companies still active in skateboard mail order in twenty years later. Slam City adverts were a staple part of the R.a.D Magazine world, each with its own distinctive graphic style. The picture is from Meanwhile II and I would assume Paul Sunman took it. I don’t know who the skater was.
Billys (Townsends Cycles) adverts were just as regular a feature of the scenery. Continue Reading »

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Southsea Skatepark Bowl, featuring Carl Westfield from 1987 Rad Magazine

Scooter Southsea Bowl 1987Context, we loved to show the context… John Thurston, manager of Southsea Skatepark and a key player at the time, can be seen at the right. Another caption on this spread says “It’s easy to come up with silly things to do on a scooter.” The appeal of scooters was transitory, unlike that of the bowl…

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